Automatic Preprint & Thesis protection

  • Our service establish priority scientific research and scientific novelty
  • No preprints or disclosures are necessary
  • Making a timestamp on your LaTeX or PDF
  • Providing certificates serving as evidence in publisher disputes
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It is admissible at publisher dispute or even in court. Why?
There are three points to be part of the evidence: timestamp, proof of identity, and the content in an immutable form (DMCA & EUCD)

Autoproof provides an easy way to timestamp priority on your research article or thesis. It's faster and easier then any publisher. No disclosures needed unlike at any preprint archive sites.

Protect your article in a just a couple of clicks.
It's as simple as clicking the "upload article" button.
We'll timestamp it and give you a priority certificate.




Case happens
Time's up!
Researcher Alice finished her research and prepared an article. The article was excellent and she submitted it to a top-rated scientific journal. The waiting time is 8 months.

Another researcher Chuck got the same result after a few months. But he decided to publish it in his university's proceedings. The article was indexed and Alice became a latecomer.

In pre-trial with publisher, Alice provides evidence that she make it earlier. It costs ten bucks and one-click upload.
Otherwise, Alice was left without a great result. The grantor is disappointed. Alice's reputation is ruined.
The developer left for another company and took the code with him
In a survey by the law publication, they found that 80% of developers kept a personal library of their code and 85% took this code with them when they changed jobs

Old long story short. The developer will take the code away anyway. But with us, he won't be able to monetize it.
The developer knows that he can't reuse the code unnoticed. Everything is transparent: personal stays personal, work is automatically registered.
Decentralized, independent of anyone, cryptographically protected and impossible to fake.

This is where the security evidences are stored. What your development team has done will remain yours

Important: The article itself is not stored/transmitted, only the hashes. This is enough to confirm at any level.

More Important: Different blockchains — different costs. You choose where to store validation of your IPs — either in "cheap" Solana, or in "expensive" Ethereum, or both.
Our Advantages
Upload prior the upload
Before sending to the publisher register priority with our service.
Now you're definitely the author of your paper
Storage of your IP is blockchain. Decentralized, secure, jurisdiction-independent
AutoProofDev Badge
A plagiarist would rather steal your unprotected competitor's code article
Support for the settlement of disputes with publisher
Even in the pre-trial order can prove the priority and the owner of the IPs
Grantor Tracking
At any phase of grant application you will have a proven track of research
Evidence certificate DMCA & EUCD
This is an example of proof-of-authorship. Will meet WIPO requirements of IP Blockchain standard
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