Automatic copyright protection for startups & developers
  • Our service integrates with Git and C
  • Automatically depositing code hashes into blockchains
  • Attaching a timestamp
  • Providing certificates serving as evidence in court disputes
It is admissible in court. Why?
There are three points to be part of the evidence: timestamp, proof of identity, and the content in an immutable form (DMCA & EUCD)

Autoproof provides it automatically for your development easier and cheaper than a patent agency
Protect your development automatically
with our tools and services:
Register and get API_KEY
Install tools and connect
your git-repository

* one action to integrate with

GitLab CI/CD, GitHub actions

* we don't have any

access to your code

That's it. The evidence of your development is being stored in blockchains every time the main branch is updated
Case happens
Time's up!
The startup Alice was creating a product. The guys were totally into it. At first there was simply no money for traditional legal protection. Development is very fast, everything changes once a month. The metrics are still small. We'll register when it takes off, thought the founder.

Team Chuck saw the project on a demo day.
The bad guys did the same thing, patented it. And now they're suing Alice for using their technology.
In pre-trial, Alice provides evidence that he developed the technology earlier. It cost three hundred bucks and one setup.
Otherwise, the founder of Alice was left without a product. The investor lost money. Alice's reputation is ruined.
The developer left for another company and took the code with him
In a survey by the law publication, they found that 80% of developers kept a personal library of their code and 85% took this code with them when they changed jobs

Old long story short. The developer will take the code away anyway. But with us, he won't be able to monetize it.
The developer knows that he can't reuse the code unnoticed. Everything is transparent: personal stays personal, work is automatically registered.
Decentralized, independent of anyone, cryptographically protected and impossible to fake.

This is where the security evidences are stored. What your development team has done will remain yours

Important: The code itself is not stored/transmitted, only the hashes. This is enough to confirm at any level.

More Important: Different blockchains — different costs. You choose where to store validation of your IPs — either in "cheap" Solana, or in "expensive" Ethereum, or both.
Integrate Autoproof into your processes in popular CI products
Our Advantages
Autosave —
It Protects Like Magic
Once connected to the CI/CD, set triggers, such as release. Now everything will save to the blockchain by itself
Storage of your IP is blockchain. Decentralized, secure, jurisdiction-independent
AutoProofDev Badge
A plagiarist would rather steal your unprotected competitor's code
Support for the Settlement of Disputes in Courts
Even in the pre-trial order can prove the priority and the owner of the IPs
Investor Tracking
At any round of investment you will have a proven track of product development
Once again
Connect development processes (Git, CI/CD) with Autoproof.
Setup when to stamp the code. That's it.

Monitor how your code's metadata is stored in blockchains and get evidence each time your development team produces something important.

Share process tracking to investors*
* for accelerator participans
How It Works

Register and get API_KEY

Get an account.
Provide your Company info: intellectual property owners, developers, authors, tax ids.
Or register as a solo developer.
All this data — is your proof of identity.

Choose your plan and get an API_KEY

Tip for CEO/CTOs: now just send the key and a link to docs to your dev-team — they know what to do, don't they?
Integrate into your development process
Choose a way to integrate Autoproof into your process:

  • Local — install console tools for your Linux/Mac/Windows system
  • Remote — automate actions in your GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket repositories
  • CI/CD — update your pipelines — add Autoproof step to your processes

Setup triggers
By default, Autorpoof will be raised to protect your data each time there is a push or merge into the main branch. You can configure your own triggers: scheduled, pull request approved/merged, pipeline event happens.
Evidence event
Being triggered Autoproof collects hashes of all files in the repository, computes a Merkle tree, and finally generates a Manifest: a structured document containing hashes, your API_KEY, the meta description (commit message by default).
The Manifest is being sent to Autoproof servers. Servers include proof-of-identity data into the Manifest and it is being sent to blockchains according to your plan.

Note! No your content (code) by itself is being transferred anywhere: only the manifest with hashes does.
Once the Manifest is sent to the blockchain you will be notified.
It takes some time for miners to make their job and build a block in the blockchain containing your manifest.
So once it happens you will be notified - since that time your code is protected worldwide and decentralized.
Share a tracking for your Investor
Anytime you can get an evidence certificate. Same time you can get a history, trackpad, of your development activities.

Make it public and share it with your potential investors to increase trust.
Evidence certificate DMCA & EUCD
This is an example of proof-of-authorship. Will meet WIPO requirements of IP Blockchain standard
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Our Plans
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