How It Works

Register and get API_KEY

Get an account.
Provide your Company info: intellectual property owners, developers, authors, tax ids.
Or register as a solo developer.
All this data — is your proof of identity.

Choose your plan and get an API_KEY

Tip for CEO/CTOs: now just send the key and a link to docs to your dev-team — they know what to do, don't they?
Integrate into your development process
Choose a way to integrate Autoproof into your process:

  • Local — install console tools for your Linux/Mac/Windows system
  • Remote — automate actions in your GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket repositories
  • CI/CD — update your pipelines — add Autoproof step to your processes

Setup triggers
By default, Autorpoof will be raised to protect your data each time there is a push or merge into the main branch. You can configure your own triggers: scheduled, pull request approved/merged, pipeline event happens.
Evidence event
Being triggered Autoproof collects hashes of all files in the repository, computes a Merkle tree, and finally generates a Manifest: a structured document containing hashes, your API_KEY, the meta description (commit message by default).
The Manifest is being sent to Autoproof servers. Servers include proof-of-identity data into the Manifest and it is being sent to blockchains according to your plan.

Note! No your content (code) by itself is being transferred anywhere: only the manifest with hashes does.
Once the Manifest is sent to the blockchain you will be notified.
It takes some time for miners to make their job and build a block in the blockchain containing your manifest.
So once it happens you will be notified - since that time your code is protected worldwide and decentralized.
Share a tracking for your Investor
Anytime you can get an evidence certificate. Same time you can get a history, trackpad, of your development activities.

Make it public and share it with your potential investors to increase trust.