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Secure your intellectual property rights with storage in a decentralized, independent, and immutable repository. Totally online. Cheaper than ever.
  • For whom?

    B2B SaaS for companies engaged in coding. If you're a C-level executive, shareholder, or founder, a secure codebase enhances the reliability and capitalization of your company.
  • What is it?

    Automatic backup of copyright for the codebase. Local and cloud-based software systems that document copyright claims for each file in the repository using blockchain technology.
  • Ensures secure and decentralized confirmation of copyright without central storage (Web3 & Blockchains).
  • The actual content of the code remains confidential and is not shared or transmitted to any external servers, including ours. We maintain only the digital fingerprints of files, safeguarding the integrity and privacy of your data.
  • Our service leverages blockchain technology to create a digital record of copyright claims, providing evidence of a work's creation date and existence. This method is designed to align with the copyright laws of the United States, the European Union, and other jurisdictions around the world.
Why are GitHub-like services not a panacea?
  1. Local git history can be fake. For instance, we created a repository where, upon cloning, you can see commit history dating back to 2003 when Git itself didn't exist.
  2. Even a dedicated server with a git repository can contain arbitrary timestamps.
  3. Such services are influenced and centralized. Your business is entirely dependent on their decisions, including political ones.
Leonid Yuriev
CEO at
LinkedIn | Source of review
Hey there! I’m the brains behind a unique SDK that lets users create iOS and Web-to-App onboarding solutions. Protecting this innovative SDK is my top priority, and that's where Autoproof has been a game-changer. Why Autoproof Stands Out: In the world of SDK development, traditional code protection methods are often slow and costly. Enter Autoproof, with its swift and budget-friendly approach, powered by blockchain technology. The Autoproof Experience: - Quick and Easy Setup: Autoproof is a godsend for its simplicity and speed. No more tedious, lengthy security setups. - Rock-Solid Protection: With Autoproof, every piece of my SDK code gets a secure, verifiable signature. It's my digital shield against any form of copying or misuse. - Freedom in Collaboration: Hiring freelancers or new devs is no longer a gamble. Autoproof ensures all collaborative efforts are safe and sound. Why Autoproof: - It’s more than just security; it’s next-gen, with blockchain technology ensuring my SDK is untouchable. - Legal concerns? I’ve got the best defense with Autoproof's time-stamped, undeniable proof of ownership. Final Thoughts: - Recommendation: If you're stuck in the rut of slow and expensive code protection for your SDKs, it's time to switch to Autoproof. It's not just fast and affordable, it's a fortress.
Alex Dulub
Founder of Web3 Antivirus
LinkedIn | Source of review
This sounds like a game-changer for companies who value their intellectual property. The mix of automation with blockchain technology for code protection seems like a smart and efficient solution. The non-public code disclosure feature is especially intriguing, as it addresses a major concern for many businesses. Wishing the Autoproof team great success in your endeavor to modernize copyright protection. The discount is a sweet touch for early adopters too! Keep it up!

Adrian Taropa
Wordpress Afficionado
Twitter | Source of review
This is a really great tool you created here. Being able to fingerprint code without disclosing it is a game changer. I don’t have use for it personally but I will be sending some clients your way. Good luck with your launch
Lolita Poliashenko
Brand Marketing at CoinSender | MeGaDev
LinkedIn | Source of review
Quite an interesting solution, never seen this before. I think it will be useful for all web3 projects. Congratulations on the launch!
Kshitij Mishra
AI and Tech Influencer
LinkedIn | Source of review
Clear value proposition: Briefly states the problem (protecting codebase copyright) and solution (Autoproof). Highlighting key features: Connects them directly to benefits (automate, global, decentralized, privacy, evidence). Strong ending: 100% evidence in court grabs attention.
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Integrate our utilities with your code in just 2 minutes, and within 5 minutes, receive certificates that document your code's existence and creation date using blockchain technology. For startups, these certificates can act as evidence of your intellectual property, potentially contributing to your company's valuation from an early stage.
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5-minute result:
Certificate and blockchain proof
It can serve as evidence of preexisting code against any future claims of authenticity made by others for the same or similar code
Data validation is processed locally on your device, ensuring that neither Autoproof nor any third parties have access to the actual code. This approach maintains the confidentiality and security of your code
Use case:
Each time, you receive a certificate containing information about where in the blockchain the confirmation of your code's copyright is located.
In legal disputes, the judge appoints an IT expert to whom both parties must provide any evidence of who first wrote the code or algorithm containing trade secrets.
Copyrights confirmed through the blockchain will include a timestamp with 100% reliability, unlike all other arguments, trust in which is not 100%.
With such evidence, disputes between the plaintiff and the defendant can be resolved out of court.
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Autoproof is meticulously designed to fulfill three pivotal legal criteria necessary for substantiating intellectual property claims: the establishment of a verifiable timestamp denoting the moment of creation, authentication of authorship, and the preservation of content in an immutable state, in accordance with the provisions set forth by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in the United States and the European Union Copyright Directive (EUCD).

By harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology, our platform generates incontrovertible digital records that encapsulate the aforementioned legal prerequisites, presenting a contemporary method for documenting and securing intellectual property rights. This mechanism serves not only as a deterrent against potential infringement but also as robust evidentiary support in the adjudication of disputes, potentially obviating the need for protracted legal contests and the associated f