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Get legal proof of intellectual property ownership stored in a decentralized, independent and immutable source. Totally online. Cheaper than ever.
  • For whom?

    B2B SaaS for companies engaged in coding. If you're a C-level executive, shareholder, or founder, a secure codebase enhances the reliability and capitalization of your company.
  • What is it?

    Automatic backup of copyright for the codebase. Local and cloud software that records copyright for each file in the repository via blockchain.
  • Decentralized storage of copyright confirmation (Web3 & Blockchains).
  • The code content is not disclosed or transmitted anywhere, not even to our servers. Only file digital fingerprints are preserved.
  • Copyright notarization operates in the jurisdictions of the US, EU, and many other countries.
Why are GitHub-like services not a panacea?
  1. Local git history can be fake. For instance, we created a repository where, upon cloning, you can see commit history dating back to 2003 when Git itself didn't exist.
  2. Even a dedicated server with a git repository can contain arbitrary timestamps.
  3. Such services are influenced and centralized. Your business is entirely dependent on their decisions, including political ones.
Connect to protect
Connect our utilities to your code in just 2 minutes, and within 5 minutes, receive certificates that notarize your entire code. You can use these certificates in court. If you're a startup, they also serve as evidence of your company's increased valuation, even in its early stages.
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Setup is a breeze and only required once at the start
5-minute notarization result:
Certificate and blockchain proof
It can serve as evidence of preexisting code against any future claims of authenticity made by others for the same or similar code
Notarization data is prepared locally on your device. Neither Autoproof nor anyone else will be able to access the actual code. Your code, however, remains secure
Use case:
Each time, you receive a certificate containing information about where in the blockchain the confirmation of your code's copyright is located.
In legal disputes, the judge appoints an IT expert to whom both parties must provide any evidence of who first wrote the code or algorithm containing trade secrets.
Copyrights confirmed through the blockchain will include a timestamp with 100% reliability, unlike all other arguments, trust in which is not 100%.
With such evidence, disputes between the plaintiff and the defendant can be resolved out of court.
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There are three points to be part of the evidence: timestamp, proof of identity, and the content in an immutable form (DMCA & EUCD)

Autoproof provides it automatically for your development easier and cheaper than a patent agency