Autoproof Console applications

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1. MacOS

MacOS Homebrew install:

# MacOS Homebrew

> brew tap autoproof/autoproof
> brew install autoproof

To initialize, execute the command in the project's root directory.

> cd ~/my-project-dir
> autoproofcli init
Note: A project can be either a Git repository or any directory on your device.

Provide an API key and the project name. You can obtain the key in your personal account on the API Keys page. If there's no project with the name you've specified in your personal account, a new one will be created during following notarization.

> autoproofcli init
  Project Name: My project 
  API key: *************
  Project "My project" has been successfully initialized.
Edit configuration

You can edit the project configuration through the .autoproof/config.yml file as well as via the command line:

> vim .autoproof/config.yml

apikey: ************************
    - .autoproof
    - .DS_Store
    - .git
    - .svn
    - .cvs
    - venv
    - node_modules
    - logs
    - data
projectname: My project

Note: Utilize 'ignore' to exclude directories and files that should not be included in notarization. This behaves similarly to .gitignore. It is recommended to exclude project configuration folders, associated libraries, and product builds.

Edit via command line:

# Show config
> autoproofcli config

# Show config parameter
> autoproofcli config apikey

# Update config parameter
> autoproofcli config apikey **********
> autoproofcli config projectname "New project name"
Make a notarization

# Make a test notarization: use -n
> autoproofcli snapshot -n -m "Test notarization additional meta info and description"

# Make live notarization:
> autoproofcli snapshot -m "Live notarization additional meta info and description"

Bad Response 403 - Unauthorized
Check if API key is correct

Error: Autoproof API request finished with non-OK status 403:
  autoproof snapshot [flags]

  -n, --dry-run          Perform hash saving in either testing or production mode.
  -h, --help             help for snapshot
  -m, --message string   Short description sent along with the snapshot to the copyright registration center.


Notarization started Snapshot object (snapshotID). You can monitor a status on project page:********************

2. Linux

3. Windows

4. Build

4. Usage

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