Swipe It Big
Swipe. Save. Travel.
What does Swipe It Big?
Swipe It Big is an App, that offers you the simplest way to plan your vacation or search for interesting places.

All you need is to swipe cards. Places will be automatically displayed on your map.

We have solved the problem of planning a vacation!

Why Swipe It Big?
We have only places that still work, despite the Corona crisis aftermath. So, we are the most up-to-date traveling App nowadays!

I'm in!
Let's go!
Swipe to make plans!
Swipe It Big will be available on the App Store and Google Play for free. It is in development.
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How it works?
Just a bit magic and technologies! The most convenient way to start your journey.
Swipe places
Make your plans using well-known game mechanics of swipes.
Create your map
All places you like will be added to your map. No more websites with "10 amazing places in Paris"! Every place you have to see is now in our App.
Explore places nearby or elsewhere
You may either find cool places around you, or check other cities all around the Globe.
We have solutions for businesses. We believe we will help you to recover after the Corona crisis.
Keep users updated
Register for free in our program and provide users with relevant info.
Tell your partners about us and get bonuses.
Let's pass hard times of recovery together.
We have several options for your business.
Increase number of customers with our promotion program.
Show your page to users more often, create native ads, provide users with special content, and more.
Data Analytics and Statistics for your business
Get valuable data about your customers and market analysis to increase the demand of your product.
Our team
Dreamers and enthusiasts with a passion to change the world.
Ilya Polotsky
Founder & CTO
Computer Science MS Degree. More than 6 years of experience in IT and High-Tech.
Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Thatday, co-founder and CTO at Pinsteps.

Adam Arie
Co-Founder & CMO
Marketing and Data Analytics. MBA.
3 years in Advertisement. 2 years of Data Analytics experience. CMO at Thatday and Pinsteps.

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